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It is with deep sadness in my heart that I write this blog. 2021 was the last blog posted here.

Please forgive my lack of content and I promise to try and do better.

As the title reflects my heart is sad today as we have just returned from a very quick and

mostly unexpected trip to NY state where we laid to rest one of my dearest and longest friend relationships.

What can I say about Ruthann? We met at Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in 1977 or around there, My family was new to the church and she befriended us right away.  Ruthann never knew a stranger, her infectious smile made you feel at ease right away.

She loved Jesus and everybody knew it, she didn't hide anything, she gave her all to her church, family and friends. 40+ years, who has friendships that last that long, not many people, this was a true friendship.

My family and I moved away and when you have a true friend like Ruthann, distance doesn't matter. While I lived in Florida she made a trip to visit us and we had a great time catching up. In between we would catch up by phone calls, this was way before we had texting, Facebook or any social media. 

Ruthann met Bruce and moved to Canada, still our communication continued.

Life happened to us all and 10 years in Canada she moves back to USA, Rexford, NY.  I was still in Florida and was able to make a trip to NY. Ruthann is like good healthy Celtic salt, flavorful and good for you.  I have to interject here a minute and give kudos to Bruce as well, he kept me in coffee, as we all know Ruthann was not and never was a coffee drinker, so Bruce made coffee each morning and in the afternoon he would go to Stewarts and buy us both coffee.

Skipping forward to 2019, I met and married Nathan and we started our journey in RV living, one of the first places we visited was Ruthann and Bruce. She had made a huge sign welcoming RTS(Romancing The States)our RV. I could go on and on but our last encounter was May 2023, Ruthann and Bruce spent her birthday with us in Ohio, and she made me a beautiful spring wreath for our front door, she was quite the crafter. I have so many good memories with Ruthann that it was take many many pages  to write.  I must say I turned Ruth Ann onto the Marco app(my mistake? Or was it?) I now have many wonderful videos I can look back on with a smile and perhaps a tear or two because her last Marco was on the morning of the day she passed into the arms of Jesus, here's what her message was "Just a quick Hi, nothing exciting, ice chips and drinking lemonade, and ginger ale, clear stuff, that's about it, just wanted to say Hi, love you guys, bye". She usually ended her Marco's with "Bye, for now", but not this time, this time she just said "bye". I still feel significance

in the "Bye for now" because it says to me we will meet again one day, this is not the end.

My husband and I knew we had to make the trip to Ruthann's "celebration" to honor her and our long term friendship, it was worth the 16 hour drive(to and from).

Ruthann planned her "going away" celebration down to the last detail. My husband often said she was like the energizer bunny, she filled every moment of every day not wasting one second! I thank God that we had such beautiful times together in the last 4 years. Nothing prepares you for losing a loved one. When her and Bruce visited us in May 2023, she planned all our activities, making a wreath, doing tied dyed tee shirts, we took them for drives to the country, had lunch at little out of the way places, went to church, stopped at Golden Corral Buffet, so many things we crammed in to their 5 day stay.

I have to stop here because there are so many happy and fun times we shared it would take a book to write. We have videos on our YouTube channel called Romancing The States, if you care to watch some, more specifically the Lake George video was super fun.

I will post what I can here so you can see our friend!


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  • marionlarose1945

Wow, it's been a long time and I'm really sorry about that. A lot has happened since I wrote the last blog. So, after Big Fish in the fictitious town of Spectre we headed back to Louisiana to pick up some things, say hello to relatives and drop off some things. We then headed out to Alvin, Texas to say hello to Blaine and Darrian and meet the new baby, they call her "The Bean" but her name is actually Eliana.

San Antonio was the next stop in Texas, there we had the RV wrapped with the logo "Romancing The States". That took about a week to transpire so we decided to stay in a hotel in San Antonio. While in that area we took a walk on the River Walk, it was a very long walk, about 2 miles but so worth it, we were whipped by the end of that one! At night time the River Walk is all lite up so of course we had to take the boat ride and it was so serene and beautiful, with all the lights, people on the patio's having dinner, just beautiful. We had dinner on the Walk as well, a great Mexican restaurant, delicious food and great service.

We visited the Alamo, which was in walking distance of the hotel we were staying in(the name escapes me at the moment).

After picking up the RV, newly wrapped with our Romancing The States logo on, we travelled next to New Mexico. We spent a month there, and in that time we visit the Carlsbad Caverns, which were 750 feet underground! It was a beautiful sight and again, a lot of walking but totally worth every minute! We visited Shakespeare Ghost Town in Lordsburg, NM, where we were able to stay overnight compliments of Harvest Hosts(for free). From there we went to High Chaparral RV park and spent about a month there. For all these sights, Nate made videos, so please visit Romancing The States on YouTube.

From New Mexico we headed to Arizona, on the road we saw many beautiful sights among which was the Painted Desert, which truly looks like a paint brush went through and painted all beautiful pastel colors in the desert. We made a reservation at Cottonwood RV Park per my friends Min and Jim Robinson who have been staying there throughout the winter.

While in Arizona we went to the Grand Canyon, rode the train and had a great time that day.

All these adventures are also recorded on video, if you want to see details go to Romancing The States on YouTube.

What happened next was not so great and I'm not sure how this all happened but I will give the best rendition I can, it's all still a mystery to both Nathan and myself. While in the hotel when visiting the Canyon, we noticed a rash developing on my back, it really wasn't bothering me at the time so we kind of ignored it but by the time we got back to our campsite the rash had spread all over the trunk of my body, under my arms and starting down my thighs. We went to a "Quick Care" and was told it was "rash of unknown origin" and gave me a Medrol Dose Pack. Long story short, I got a terrible reaction from the dose pack, headaches and nausea. In the meantime Nathan starts feeling sick and starts running a temp of 102, so here we are both down for the count, it took two weeks for us to finally get feeling better.

On the upside when we started to feel normal again we found this area in Waddell, Az, where you could climb 300 stairs to the top of Victory Mountain where the view was spectacular. On the day we went it was very windy and cool, I started the climb with Nate and only made it half way, I sat on the steps and enjoyed the view from where I was, watched the people come and go. Some actually made these steps their exercise for the day going up and down several times.

Nate made it to the top and I believe he made a video of this too. A few days before leaving the Arizona desert we were able to spend some good time with Jim and Min having lunch at the Angry Crab, a good day was had by all!

From Arizona we travelled to Joshua Tree, Ca where we stayed for 2 nights on BLM(Bureau of Land Management)boondocking. The days were pretty decent but it did get quite warm. The night sky was spectacular, we had an app on the phone that showed us what was right above us, we saw the Big Dipper and many more constellations which I can't remember off hand.

Stay tuned for the next blog(I hope it won't take me as long as this one did)!

Nevada, Las Vegas, Reno, California(again) and Oregon!!!

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  • marionlarose1945

Today is the first day since coming back from the Grand Canyon that I have felt

almost human, that would be almost two weeks!

On the way home from the Canyon I started to feel nauseous and had to lay down when

getting home. That "nap" lasted 4 hours! As Nate and I prepared for bed my back was itching more than usual. Nate noticed a rash developing, it wasn't horrible and we thought maybe a bite or something simple. To make a long story short, the rash began to cover my torso and thighs, I went to the Quick Care and got a dose pack of Cortisone. During this time Nate developed a temp and a sore throat. But let me back up, I had made a crock pot Chili a few days before and Nate took a spoonful too soon and burnt the left side of his throat. We thought he would recover but apparently due to the burn he developed some sort of virus and he went to the Quick Care and actually had the same provider I had 😊it was not Strep Throat(as we thought)in fact the Rapid test came back negative.

Continuing on I had finished the dose pack and developed a massive headache with stabbing pain in the temple that lasted about 2 seconds and came intermittently. This sort of headache is called "Ice Pick" Headaches(I'm not even kidding)!

To make a very long story short, my only relief was:

  1. Excedrine(my daughter and my husband use this for their migraines)

  2. Ibuprofen for the regular headaches(from the steroid)

  3. Ice and heat

Nate, on the other hand was unable to eat anything solid so he lived on broth and scrambled eggs. Mouth wash gargles and salt water gargles. He is improving slowly.

I say all the above as a back story to what God showed me today. Nate and I read our bibles daily, even through all this we only missed one day. As we were reading, I felt the

nudge from the Holy Spirit to read Psalm 91. If anyone reads the Bible with any regularity

and even if you don't most people have read Psalm 91. This Psalm describes God's ongoing sovereign protection of His people from the ever present dangers and terrors that surround humanity. The original setting may be that of an army about to go to battle. As I began to read a vision began to take form in my mind. Most of the terrors mentioned in this Psalm

are left undefined, no doubt intentionally so that no kind of danger is omitted from this application. Verses 3-6, 9-11, as I read verse 11 the vision took form, HIS ANGELS. Not Cherubs with soft furry wings and tiny bows and arrows, NO! The angels He showed me were 9-12 feet tall, massive wing span, there had to be at least a dozen and they had flaming arrows and were "encamped" all around our camper, not an open space between them. Psalm 91:9 "Because we have made the Lord our dwelling place, the most High who

is our refuge no evil shall be allowed to befall us no plaques shall come near our camper

for He will command His angels concerning us, to guard us in all our ways"(paraphrased)

This has been a very trying time for both Nate and I, being newly married and ill at the same time. God did NOT let us down, He protected us from what MIGHT have come near our dwelling place. He knew how much we could take and He said ENOUGH

If you have never read Psalm 91, I encourage you to do so, you may get a whole new perspective.

"Wherever you're waking up, whatever time it is, do something for someone else, pay it forward and let's make this world a better place!" Nate~~~~~~

"Remember, be kind to one another, it's a rough world out there, I love y'all" Marion~~~~together we are, ROMANCING THE STATES

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